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Israel Engagement

CSFA's Va'ad Yisrael (Israel Group) works to strengthen the synagogue's connection to and love for Israel, and to support Israel through the following activities:


  • We advocate for Israel within the community and the U.S. regarding current issues.

  • We share information about other organizations in the U.S. and Israel that support and help provide for Israeli welfare and needs.

  • We are the point of contact for pro-Israel social service support organizations to reach out to the local community.


  • We educate our community through programs, speakers, activities, movies and articles.

  • We educate the community regarding communal, American and world affairs that impact Israel and the Jewish people. 

  • We inform the community about events outside the synagogue that educate on Israel issues. 


  • We strengthen CSFA's connections to Israel through initiatives such as partnering with a Masorti (Conservative) synagogue in Israel as well as other partnership initiatives.

  • We develop stronger ties with others synagogues, Jewish organizations and interest groups through Israel-related events.

  • We foster a respectful environment which allows constructive dialogue to take place. 

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