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Pam Wolf

When I moved to New York from Washington D.C. in 2008, I was looking for a community. Though I don't come from an observant home, I had belonged to a synagogue in DC for a few years and was hoping a synagogue in the city might help me meet new people. I was a little nervous because I do not know Hebrew, and was not all that familiar with traditional religious services. Nevertheless, at CSFA I found more than I could have hoped for: I met many new people, who made me feel at home, and learned many new things.

In the years since, I have made lifelong friends at CSFA, taken very interesting classes and gotten involved with the daily life of the shul. At CSFA, we have activities throughout the month that are fun and interesting. I enjoy volunteering and showing up just to offer a hand when I can.

CSFA truly is my family.

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