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Sam Swartz

When my father died in 1987, I was 16 years old and I needed time to understand how his death contradicted everything I had been led to believe. I spent a good amount of my life resisting Hashem, resisting the Jewish religion, and running away from what the spirit inside of me was craving. I don't regret this time because it allowed me to discover what was inside of me and allowed me to discover it on my own terms. Further, any questions that I had were able to be wholly (or Holy) answered and I could then rest a bit better in the light of my personal truth as I grew into it naturally. 

CSFA has played an integral role in allowing me to continue to nurture a connection to my personal truth. Since reconnecting with Judaism I have craved a traditional prayer service that digs deep into the meaning of tefila and honors the ancient traditions of our faith. As a bonus, the warm, sweet, kind, and caring people in our community have provided me with a home where I feel held in a way that is beyond what I could have ever imagined or expected in a synagogue community.


CSFA allows me to continue to dig deeper into my soul's needs, while being nurtured by this loving community.

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